Another holiday is soon upon us and we look forward to celebrating it with you!

Please join us on Monday, May 17, 5:30 PM for an outdoor Shavuot event.

How awesome is it that our nation can mark 3,333 years since the great event at Sinai?! When you and I show up this year, we'll be doing our part in keeping this 3,333 year long chain going! 


While there is no fee, your RSVP is really helpful for our planning.


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Shternie Lights

In honor of our daughter Shternie's 3rd birthday, Shevat 12 (January 25) we are reaching out to every Jewish girl in the community to light a Shabbat candle. Every girl that signs up will receive a lovely candlestick as a gift.

It’s an age old tradition that Jewish girls light one candle, starting at the age of 3, and women light 2 candles before Shabbat and holidays, one for themselves and one for their spouse.  

Candle lighting is considered an auspicious time for praying to G-d for health and happiness.

Shternie is still non-verbal and we would so appreciate if you would light Shabbat Candles and say the blessing each Friday night as a merit for her.