At Chabad Hebrew School we strive to capture your child’s love and enthusiasm for all things Jewish through an immersive and meaningful curriculum. We are excited to be taking the kids on a journey that will leave them feeling proud in their Jewish identity, self-confident, and empowered.


Join your child as they retrace the remarkable journey of the Jewish People from Egypt to the Land of Israel. Through the use of educational tools such as theater, crafts, STEM, and filmmaking, this immersive experience promises to captivate the attention of each and every student.


We are eagerly looking forward to embarking on this incredible course together.


Beginning October 22


Our Goals

  • Kids must enjoy learning.
  • Children should feel pride in their heritage.
  • Hebrew School members will gain a wealth of knowledge about Jewish holidays, history and basic Hebrew skills, all without the pressure of books, tests and traditional classroom setting.

We are now accepting students from Kindergarten, through Bar/Bat Mitzvah.


Dates & Rates



10:00 AM-12:00PM 

Annual tuition is $600 (Scholarships available)